Over the years, we’ve had many wonderful experiences, but we know how to act fast in an emergency.

One day I received a call from a woman who had been in a car accident. She asked if I could meet her at the hospital to get her keys, so I could pick up her dog and take him to a boarding facility, while she recovered in the hospital. Immediately I went to her, but because it was so late, the boarding facility had already closed. Instead, her dog stayed with us for the night and went to the facility the next morning. After the woman was released, she reunited with her dog and was grateful we were able to respond so quickly. 

Another client was also in need of medical attention. While undergoing treatment, he knew he wouldn’t be able to care for his dog for a week. At the time, the dog had an infection in his paws. We boarded the dog, took him to the vet, and to help alleviate some of his discomfort; we soaked his paws in soap and Epsom salt every night before bed. In a week’s time, the infection was much improved, and soon both he and his owner were reunited, happy to be feeling a great deal better.